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  • Air commodore K Srinivasa Rao

    Chairman's Message
    Air Force School Manauri has reached pinnacles of success during last year’s and making steady progress in all spheres of academic and co-scholastic activities. Apart from imparting quality education, the school is committed towards providing a congenial environment where student’s potential is nurtured and manifested. Education is the process by which an individual is encouraged to fully develop his/her potential. Ethics and etiquettes, discipline, values and culture are ingrained into the children to help mould them into thinking individuals who can courageously face the challenges of the competitive world. Our mission is to provide a joyful and safe learning environment that empowers children while nurturing their self confidence and self esteem. We encourage and challenge our students to develop the knowledge, which is so critical in facing challenges beyond the classroom. We encourage the students to respect the variety of cultures and outlooks that make up the diversity of the world. I wish all the best to the Principal, Staff and Students in all their endeavors. May noble laurels be bestowed on the school.

    Executive Director's Message
    A school is a miniature world where one receives education for life. It is a place where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place. Education is a never ending process. It is a continuous journey, not a destination. Air Force School Manauri nurtures young saplings with love and care so that the innocent minds can become achievers in later years. Air Force School Manauri works constantly to provide the atmosphere that makes learning as an enjoyable experience for learners. The school is committed to creating an empowering holistic environment in which students mature intellectually, ethically and physically. We are defined by an energized, attentive, and diverse faculty who value the individual and work to help these young adolescents achieve their highest potential. One of our goals is to build our student’s self-confidence so that they can thrive in an ever changing global world through hard work and critical thinking. Best Wishes for the life ahead!
  • Mrs Sudha Pandey

    Principal's Message
    The strength and utility of an institution is directly proportional to the faith people have in it. This faith may be eroded by the passage of time and transition or by incompetent people heading such institutions. Therefore,there is a need to mention that the present situation demand a super charged effort on the part of creative thinkers and innovators of our time, who have the wisdom and sensitivity of experience and perceive the fascinating profusion of our world and greater variety of life human nature to restructure the educational institution,so that they remain credible temples of learning for all times to come. We pursued with greater passion and commitment in academic years making us all worthy of the faith so many people have placed in us and to the children under our charge, to whom we all may feel accountable
Students can invest their free time in computer lab for learning programming, automation and to improve basic computer skills

Welcome to Air Force School Manauri

Air Force School Manauri, Prayagraj, is a non-profit making welfare co-educational English medium school run by Indian Air Force Educational and Cultural Society, New Delhi, The primary objective of Air Force School Manauri is the school of excellence, where students are groomed to grow to their optimum potential of intellectual and emotional capa

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At Air Force School, we believe that our children have a natural inclination towards learning and we provide the best way to educate and tune them to achieve meaningful goals in their lives.

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  • A nice and highly educated faculty in the school that empressed me so much.

    Mrs. R. Joy Housewife
  • A nice and highly educated faculty in the school that empressed me so much.

    Mr. Srivastava Bank Employee