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Depending upon the strength of the students, the School is to be divided into various Houses. Strength may not exceed 200 students in each House. House names have been standardised and all Schools will name their Houses from amongst the following:-

(a) Cheetah House

In-Charge  - Mrs Pramita Singh

Members - Mrs Savita Srivastava

- Mr Chotte Lal Yadav

- Mr Satish Ranjan 

(b) Dhruv House

In-charge - Mrs Kavita Srivastava

Member - Mrs Sheela Prasad

- Mr Ramesh Chand Jaiswal

- Mr Shiv Kumar Mishra 

(c) Sarang House

In-Charge - Mrs Meera Rai

Member - Mrs Madhu Mishra

- Mrs Saudamini Mishra

- Mr Shivam Pandey 

(d) Tejas House

In-charge - Mrs Ruchika Malviya

Member - Mrs Vaishali Trivedi

- Mrs Usmana Begum

- Mr Ravindra Singh