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1. Admission of children of serving Air Force personnel is to be made at any time during the academic session, subject to the stipulation laid down by CBSE for classes IX-XII. The following procedure is to be followed:-
(a) Serving IAF Personnel are to be given registration forms and admission as and when they arrive for Admission.
(b) Vacancies available for admission of civilians to various classes after catering for seats for serving personnel and mid-session postings are to be put up to Chairman SMC for approval by 15th Jan.
(c) SRO Entry, Notices, Newspaper notification if required be issued subsequently.
(d) Registration Forms are to be issued from 15th Feb-15th Mar.
(e) Admission Committee headed by the Principal/HM comprising atleast two teachers each be made for Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary classes. The committee has to prepare a list after vetting of applications and put up for signatures of Principal and ED.
(f) The following is to be ensured for draw of lots:-
(i) Intimation to Parents for "draw of lots" to be sent through school website, SMS, Notification in newspaper if required.
(ii) Signature of Witnessing Parents is to be taken on the day of "Draw of Lots''.
(iii) All precautions of putting the slips in the box and for draw of lots is to be followed.
(iv) Minutes of the Meeting of "Draw of Lots" is to be recorded and put up to ED for signature.
(g) The registration form should specify that ‘'registration does not confirm the right o admission''.

2. Admission of Army, Navy, Para-Military Forces and civilian children to Air Force Schools is not to be done at the cost of Air Force children. They are to be admitted subject to vacancies after admitting all Air Force children, catering for mid-session admissions on transfers.

3. Children of Foreign Nationals/NRIs may be admitted only after seeking the prior written concurrence of the Executive Vice-Chairman, after due scrutiny and recommendation of the Secretary CSMC.

4. Admission Priority. The admission priorities are to be strictly followed as per the equence given in the following sub-Paras and sub-sub-Paras. In case of number of children being more than the vacancy, draw of lots should be carried out strictly in the order of priority and as per the sequence listed below and following the procedure listed at Para 1 (f) above. For example admission to a child belonging to sub-Para (b) (iii) will only be considered for draw of lots after considering admission to all cases given in Para (a), Para (b) (i) & Para (b) (ii). Under no circumstances a child with low priority is to be given preference over a child with higher priority in the priority order list.
(a) Priority - I. Children of serving and deceased (whilst on active service) IAF fficers, Airmen and NCs(E)
(b) Priority - II.
(i) Children of serving Air Force School staff [whose spouse is not a serving Air Force Officer, Airman or NC (E)].
(ii) Children of serving Armed Forces personnel posted to MES at that AF Station.
(iii) Children of serving DSC personnel posted to Air Force units.
(iv) Children of serving civilian staff of Air Force units paid out of Defence Services Estimates.
(v) Children of serving NPF employees.
(vi) Children of serving civilian MES personnel.

(c) Priority - III.
(i) Children of Air Force Officers, Airmen and NCs(E) who have uperannuated from service and children of serving Army personnel.
(ii) Children of Air Force Officers, Airmen and NCs(E) who have left service on Premature Separation from Service (PSS) or on completion of period of Regular Engagement (RE), before the age of superannuation.

(d) Priority - IV.
(i) Biological/legal grand-children of serving and retired (both superannuated s well as those who have gone out on PSS/completion of RE) Air Force fficers, Airmen and NCs(E). iii) Children of serving Navy, Military Forces personnel, GREF and TA.

(e) Priority - V. All other children, including children of foreign nationals/NRIs.

5. Age Limit. The minimum/maximum age limit of the child as on 01 Apr of the cademic year in which admission is sought is as per New Education Policy 2020 is mentioned below:-
(a) LKG - 04 years
(b) UKG - 05 years
(c) Class I - 06 years

6. Minimum/maximum age at the time of admission to other classes will accordingly be alculated as per the above stipulation. Child born on 01 April would be deemed as having attained the requisite age. No age waiver will be granted. The maximum age limit can be relaxed by two years in case of Differently abled children.

7. Proof of Age. Any of the following documents are to be accepted in original as proof f age:-
(a) Birth certificate issued by Military/Civil Hospitals as well as by Municipalities/illage Panchayats.
(b) In case of Defence personnel, POR extract duly signed by Unit Adjutant is also equired.